We have been collecting recordings of presentations by UrbRel fellows and researches in Erfurt since before the Covid pandemic. Below we are collecting these collections of videos, starting with the latest addition.

2022 – Urbanities – Annual Conference at Ettersburg, organised by Susanne Rau, Sara Keller and Klara O’Reilly

2021/22 – Lecture Series Urban Governance and Civic Participation in Words and Stone(with CEU Budapest/Vienna), organised by Susanne Rau, Zoe Opacic and Katalin Szende

2020/21 – Lecture Series “Religion and Urbanity in Time and Space“, organised by Elisa Iori and Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli

2020 – Introductory interviews with UrbRel members and fellows

We also have a collection of individual recordings by fellows and core group members which can be accessed via our website at the Max Weber Centre.

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