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Religion and Urbanity in Hell? A Satirical Description of London from 1729

When we think of London today, we might think of the many opportunities this provides. A global and cosmopolitan metropolis, that has much to offer to people from all walks of life: tourists come to marvel at Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, people looking for work relocate to the capital to work in business or media and artists hope to find new inspiration and audiences in one of the most important cities of Europe…


Conference Report: Co-spatiality: Changing rules of double use, excluding, inviting, imagining

For three years, the Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe „Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations“ has organized an annual conference focusing on theoretical questions. In general, the research group examines from an interdisciplinary perspective how urbanity and religion influenced...


Wie religiöse Minderheiten die Stadt zur Stadt machen

Dieser Beitrag möchte eine konkrete Behauptung in den Mittelpunkt stellen und plausibel machen: Religiöse Pluralität, und gerade auch das Vorhandensein von religiösen Gruppen, die als Minderheiten gesehen werden oder sich so betrachten, gehört rund um das Mittelmeer und in Europa und davon geprägten Stadtkulturen zur Idee von Stadt dazu.

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