Epsita Halder awarded prize for “Reclaiming Karbala”

Our fellow Dr Epsita Halder, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University (Kolkata), was awarded a prize by the Indian History Congress at its latest session at Kakatiya University in Waragal for her monograph “Reclaiming Karbala – Nation, Islam and Literature of the Bengali Muslims” (2023). The prize was awarded during the Inaugural Ceremony. The 82nd session of the Indian Hisotry Congress ran for two days in December 2023. It is the largest congress for historians in India and has been meeting since 1936.

As the publisher Routledge announces

Reclaiming Karbala studies the emergence and formation of a viable Muslim identity in Bengal over the late-19th century through the 1940s. Beginning with an explanation of the tenets of the battle of Karbala, this multi-layered study explores what it means to be Muslim, as well as the nuanced relationship between religion, linguistic identity and literary modernity that marks both Bengaliness and Muslimness in the region.

Routledge 2023

Epsita Halder has written about the Prince Anwar Shah Road in Kolkata on the UrbRel blog

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urbrel (March 4, 2024). Epsita Halder awarded prize for “Reclaiming Karbala” Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations. Retrieved July 17, 2024 from https://doi.org/10.58079/vy33

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