Religious Ambivalences: Podcasts II

From 15-17 November 2023, the annual “Religion and Urbanity” conference took place in Erfurt, focusing this time on religious ambivalences, especially with regard to historical instances of “doing religion” in urban contexts. While the individual papers will be published in full in the future, we are happy to share recordings of the introductory comments by participants. You can follow the publication of the individual papers on Religion and Urbanity online or on the website of the “Religion and Urbanity” group.

Panel 3: Multi-dimensional Ambivalences: Materiality and Beyond

Jörg Rüpke

Volkhard Krech: The Religious Semiotization of Physical Space

Panel 4: Contexts of Ambivalences: Nature, Empire, State

Robert Yelle: Civil Religion and the Ambivalence of the Church-State Relation: A Constitutive Tension for Secularism

Katharina Waldner: The Ambivalence of Empire and the Trauma of (Religious) Intellectuals

Irene Becci: Urban Nature Between Enchantment and Valuation Under the Current Circumstances of Climate Change

Panel 5: Marginalised Urban Spaces

Marian Burchardt: Religion, Ambivalence and Urban Insecurity in Cape Town’s Urban Fringes

Martin Fuchs: Ambivalence as Condition and Opportunity: Dharavi and the Relationality of Social Space

We thank Mika Hagedorn for his support in recording and editing the introductory notes.

Here is the full programme

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