Religious Ambivalences: Podcasts I

From 15-17 November 2023, the annual “Religion and Urbanity” conference took place in Erfurt, focusing this time on religious ambivalences, especially with regard to historical instances of “doing religion” in urban contexts. While the individual papers will be published in full in the future, we are happy to share recordings of the introductory comments by participants. You can follow the publication of the individual papers on Religion and Urbanity online or on the website of the “Religion and Urbanity” group.


Susanne Rau: Urban Ambivalences

Panel 1: Ambivalences in Context of Religious Plurality, Encounters, Selfhood

Birgit Meyer: Madina: Thinking the Religion – Urbanity Nexus from the Interstice

Anne Murphy: Naming Sameness: The Ambivalence of Religious Difference and Identity in Early Modern South Asia

Panel 2: Ambivalences Within and Beyond the City

Emiliano R. Urciuoli: Locative, Utopian… and Urban: Ancient Christian Martyrdom as Urban Religious Insight into Incongruity

Anders Klostergaard Petersen: Urban Religion Moving Beyond Urbanity: From Urban Ethnic to Kosmos Trans-Ethnic Types of Religion

Here is the full programme:

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  1. February 7, 2024

    […] Having unraveled the logic of the system, I proceed to the question of emotions underlying the semiotic investments. This is one point at which my own research tangentially enters into conversation with the Erfurt project. Yet I think that this point needs to be further elaborated upon because it has a much greater bearing in the context of not only the history of religion but of human behaviour, culture, and sociality in general as I also argued in my contribution to the KFG annual conference on Religious Ambivalences. […]

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