Workshop Report: Urbanity and the Formation of Religious Groups

The report by Constanze Schaller on the workshop “Urbanity and the Formation of Religious Groups”, organised by Martin Christ in June 2023 has now been published on H-Soz-Kult. You can access the full version by following the link below:

Constanze Schaller, Tagungsbericht: Urbanity and the Formation of Religious Groups, In: H-Soz-Kult, 02.09.2023, <>.

Schaller concludes that

The (…) discussion focused on rituals and processions as multifunctional phenomena that are important for group formations because of their unifying effect by creating temporary symbolic as well as social landscapes and the need for more research in that particular field. This also led to discussions on how groups can bring individuals together as equals and how emotions play an important role in this process. Groups as mixtures of diverse people need unifying aspects, which were thoroughly discussed as well as the temporality of groups and their members. The discussion showed that precision is needed because group formation in general differs from religious group formation. In order to specify what a religious group is, the participants agreed that definatory work on a shared vocabulary is important. How group formation will be moved into a theory or into concepts will be developed in the near future.

C. Schaller

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