Recent Talks by Members of the KFG

Jörg Rüpke, one of the spokespersons of the KFG recently delivered a lecture at the Center for Interdisciplinary Study of the Monotheistic Religions at Doshisha University, Japan. The lecture on “Urban Religion – Religion and the City in Historical Perspective” can be viewed here:

Susanne Rau, the other spokesperson of the KFG, delivered a lecture on “Religion and Urbanity” at the University of Regensburg.

Our fellow Cristiana Facchini gave a talk entitled ‘“Gli dei della città”: Secolarizzazione e urbanizzazione.’ in Torino, Italy, as part of a conference organised by Il Centro Culturale Protestante and il Centro Teologico of Torino. In Erfurt, she works on a project entitled “As a nautilus shell … Religious Diversity and Urbanity. A historical journey”.

Finally, our annual conference “Urban Heterarchies: Changing Religious Authority and Power in Cities” took part from 11-13 December 2019. Members of the KFG, fellows and external speakers contributed to a stimulating discussion on heterarchies, religion, and cities from antiquity to the twentieth century. You can find some highlights on Twitter under #UrbRel2019. A more detailed conference report will be published soon.

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