UrbRel podcasts: Corinna Riva & Harry Maier

In this week’s edition of our podcasts Corinna Riva (UCL), the 202/21 Distinguished Fellow at the Max Weber Centre and member of our UrbRel research group, talks to Harry Maier about his research and the books and music he’d take to that island out at sea. Harry Maier is professor of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at the Vancouver School of Theology and last came to Erfurt in the summer of 2022 as a visiting fellow to the UrbRel group.

Among his recent publications are two articles co-written with Emiliano R Urciuoli, also a member of the UrbRel group:

Here are some images illustrating Harry’s research interests:

Ground plan, street view, and isometric drawing of insula, Pergamon, first third of the second century CE
Roman insula model, Museo di Civilità Roma
Map of street grid of Alexandria, first century CE from Macmillan & Co.’s Guide to Palestine and Egypt (1901) 

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