Out now: Special issue on “Urbanity and Religion” in Moderne Stadtgeschichte (1/2022)

The first issue in 2022 has been edited by Susanne Rau and Jörg Rüpke, and features articles by:

  • Susanne Rau & Jörg Rüpke on the religion and urbanity research programme
  • Martin Christ on graveyards in pluri-confessional cities
  • Ulrike Freitag on the graveyard for non-mulisms in Jedda, Saudi-Arabia
  • Elisa Iori on the mining city of Mes Aynak, Afghanistan
  • Sara Keller on urban waterscapes in South Asia
  • Rana Partrap Behal on syncretic and sectarian traditions in Amritsar, India
  • Martin Fuchs on new religious movements and cosmopolitan urbanity
  • Jörg Rüpke reviewing the Routledge Handbook of Religion and Cities (eds. Day/Edwards)

For more detail see the table of contents below and the website of the difu – Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik

Update 29 November 2022: The special issue is announced in Berichte. Das Magazin des difu (p. 22).

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