Martin Christ receives RefoRC Book Award

Dr. Martin Christ, post-doctoral researcher with the UrbRel research group, has received the Book Award of the Reformation Research Consortium (RefoRC) for his monograph “Biographies of a Reformation Religious Change and Confessional Coexistence in Upper Lusatia, c. 1520-1635”, published by Oxford University Press.

Christ commented: “I am very pleased to receive this award and to receive such a positive response for my research. I hope that my work can stimulate further engagement on the peaceful coexistence of different religious and confessional groups.”

The award was presented at the RefoRC annual meeting in Berlin on 05 May and is endowed with 1,000€. RefoRC awards publications that portray a high degree of originality, methodological and literary quality and give new insights to research into Reformation history. An additonal criterion for selection is the scientific and social relevance of the results.

Martin Christ’s book deals with coexisting Christian denominations in early modern Upper Lusatia (German “Oberlausitz”), especially with how Catholics and Lutherans shared churches, how rituals were adapted to the local context and how individual persons continually redefined their religiosity. The relevance of Christ’s research, also for the present, stems from his focus on the coexistence of different religious groups. The work is based on Christ’s Oxford doctoral thesis, but aspects from his current work in the Erfurt research group “Religion and Urbanity” also found their way into the text.

See here for the press release by Erfurt University and by the Reformation Research Council:

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