UrbRel Workshop “Metamorphoses of Urbanities” 22./23.06.22

How do we live together in dense urban spaces? This is the big question – in today’s urbanised world as well as in historical urban networks. Evidently, people have given very different answers to that question on sunny places and in dark shelters. Ways of living urban lifes change quickly across time or groups. This is what our workshop seeks to explore. Confirmed contributors include Babett Edelmann-Singer (Munich), Rahul Parson (Berkeley/Ca), Annette Haug (Kiel), Gil Klein (Los Angeles, Ca), Raminder Kaur (London), Martin Fuchs (Erfurt), Anne Murphy (Vancouver) and Jörg Rüpke (Erfurt).

Update15.06.2022: Workshop programme

We welcome papers with comparative ambitions and/or proposing rectifications of received categories more than mere case studies or historiographical overviews. On a micro-level (ego documents), attitudes, atmospheres and aspirations constitute possible avenues of investigation.
The results of this workshop will be published on the open access database Religion and Urbanity online. For this, we aim to foster projects of co-authorship evolving from the workshop. Participants are expected to pre-circulate their contribution (max. 3 pages, draft versions are accepted) by June 5th.

Cover image of Lviv’s inner city in 2014: Julian Nyča, CC BY-SA 4.0

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