UrbRel Workshop “Typologising Cities. Critical Reflections” 17.05.22

In the workshop, we want to follow the question what we gain and what we lose when we assign certain cities to a category based on a supposed main characteristic or function. Are city types applicable only in their respective regional context? After all, what would be the European equivalent of an Indian ‘temple town’? Which alternative terms can we use for engaging comparatively with cities? To this aim, papers with comparative ambitions and/or proposing rectifications of received categories are more welcome than mere case studies or historiographical overviews.

Confirmed speakers include Judit Majorossy, Susanne Rau, Martin Christ and Sara Keller. If you would like to participate, please contact Dr. Dr. Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli: Emiliano.urciuoli@urbrel

Update: The workshop report by Austin Collins (Durham/Erfurt) is now published with H-Soz-Kult: https://www.hsozkult.de/conferencereport/id/fdkn-128447

Update: The workshop programme is now online:

The results of this workshop will be published on the open access database Religion and Urbanity Online. For this, we aim to foster projects of co-authorship evolving from the workshop. Participants are expected to pre-circulate their contribution (max. 3 pages, draft versions are accepted) by May 1st.

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