Water exhibition in the Indian news

— Sara Keller

The exhibition “India. Life around Water”, organised in July 2021, was recently covered by the Gujarati daily newspaper “Sandesh” (article published on the 30.01.2022).

The newspaper article entitled “Photographs illustrating the spiritual significance of water in the life of Indians” presents the photo exhibition curated by Dr. Sara Keller from the research group “Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations” at the Max Weber Centre, Erfurt University, Germany. It mentions the display of several photographs from Krutarth Bhatt, historian from the Department of History of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (MSU). The picture illustrating the article is a photograph by Krutarth Bhatt and it shows a man performing a water ritual at Chanod near Vadodara in Gujarat, India. The ghāṭ, or steps to water, of Chanod, gives access to the holy river Narmada and it represents a prominent place for funerary rituals in Western India.

The exhibition accompanied a workshop on “Accessing Water in the South Asian City”, organised by Dr. Sara Keller on the 08th and 09th of July 2021. A video uploaded on the Youtube channel of the Erfurt University presents the exhibition and some of its main themes.

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