Registration open! Summer school “Urban Governance and Civic Participation” in Prague and Budapest

Interested students, postdocs and archivists can now register for the international summer school which the KFG UrbRel co-organises in the summer of 2022. The 8-day program is organised by Katalin Szende (CEU Budapes/Vienna), Zoë Opači´c (Birkbeck College London) and Susanne Rau (KFG RelUrb, Erfurt University). This summer school is a follow-up of the online lecture series with the same title which took place in autumn 2021.

Tentative programme

Cities and towns have been established to fulfill central functions in the production, exchange and consumption of commodities, as well as to serve as administrative and religious centers for a certain district, region or realm. Therefore, they are characterized by populations larger, denser and more complex than that of the surrounding countryside. In order to manage this complexity efficiently, cities were given or gradually acquired a certain degree of autonomy and developed their own governing bodies and institutions, with varying degrees of participation by inhabitants of different social and legal standing. The system of governance necessitated the use of administrative literacy and the appropriate shaping of the physical environment, including its open spaces, buildings and ornaments.  

The aim of the summer university course is threefold:

1. It seeks to critically examine the notion of civic participation in a long-term perspective, its foundations in political thought and to explore its forms of expression in various written and visual media.

2. The aim is to bring Central Europe to the limelight and open new interdisciplinary perspectives for young scholars interested in art history, social history, pragmatic literacy and urban planning.

3. Issues of preservation, protection and the value of conceptual and built heritage for modern societies will be considered.  

The summer school is aimed at graduate students, post docs, archivists and curators of municipal document or art collections with medieval holdings specialists in urban tourism and heritage management. We also invite applications from advanced undergraduate students who have adequate prior study or engagement experience on the subject and make a compelling case in their application/statement of interest. 

Participants must have completed at least 2 years of BA studies in history, art history, archaeology, medieval political thought or comparable disciplines. Since the course language is English, participants are expected to demonstrate a strong written and oral command of English.

Here you can find further information on the course program, information on how to apply as well as all the videos from the online lecture series in autumn 2021.

You can register until the 28th February 2022.

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