The KFG’s Open-Access Database: Religion and Urbanity Online

The KFG’s database “Religion and Urbanity Online” continues to be filled with new research and overview articles. All articles are open access and have been peer reviewed. They discuss a wide range of topics connected to religion and urbanity from antiquity to the present. While there is a focus on Europe, South Asia and the Mediterranean region, there are also articles on other parts of the world. The contributions come from core group members, fellows and conference participants and they show the innovative research undertaken as part of the KFG. The database is edited by the KFG’s coordinators, Susanne Rau and Jörg Rüpke, and published by De Gruyter. In line with the KFG’s interdisciplinary approach, contributions come from anthropologists, sociologists, spatial geographers, historians, art historians and archaeologists. Some provide broader theoretical reflections, while others focus on specific case studies, illustrating the diversity and vitality of research in religion and urbanity.

Currently, there are more than thirty articles in the database:

Jörg Rüpke und Susanne Rau: Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations

Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli: Citification of Religion: A Proposal for the Historical Study of Urban Religion

Susanne Rau: Urbanity (urbanitas, Urbanität, urbanité, urbanità, urbanidad…) — An Essay

Francesca Fulminante: The Role of Religion at the Birth of First Cities and State Organisation in Central Italy (1100–500 BCE)

Corinna Riva: Violence, Power and Religion in the South Etruscan Archaic City-State

Miri Rubin: Religion and Urbanity: Difference and Commonality in Religious Processions

Jörg Rüpke: Religion and the Urban

Christopher Smith: Enchanted Cities and Urban Discontent

Supriya Chaudhuri: Spaces of the Sacred: Religious Practice in Urban Interstices

Marian Burchardt und Maria del Mar Griera: Doing Religious Space in the Mediterranean City: Towards a Historical Sociology of Urban Religion

Vanina Kopp: Paintings, Poetry, and Prayers. Lay Confraternities and Their Artistic Devotion Between 1400 and 1750 in French Urban Centres

Elizabeth Digeser: Shifting Economic Power in Autun: The Donation of Constantine

Katja Winger: Ritualisation as a Spatial Practice: The Case of Manching

Matthew Naglak: House, Rhythm, and Ritual at Gabii, Italy

Susanne Rau: Canons, Councillors and Confrères: Changing Power Constellations in the City of Lyon (Late Middle Ages, Early Modern Times)

Benno Werlen: World Relations and the Production of Urban Realities: On Space and Action, City and Urbanity

Jörg Rüpke: Foundation Stories: Concepts of Urbanity in Augustan Rome

Christopher Smith: What Is Religious About Founding A City?

Jacques Lévy: Co-Spatiality: An Introduction

Elisa Iori: Ritual Deposits and Foundation of Cities in Indo-Greek Gandhāra

Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli: Urban Distances: Christians’ Guidelines to Secrecy and Discretion

Onno van Nijf und Christina Williamson: Connecting the Greeks Multi-Scalar Festival Networks in the Hellenistic World

Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli: The Poverty Plateau: The Space of the Urban Street Poor in Early Christian Literature

Kiersten Neumann: Urbanisation Beyond the City Walls: Ritualised Practice and Sensory Experience at Sennacherib’s Khinis Canal Head

Clara di Fazio: From Civic to Ritual: The Ritualisation of Institutional Offices and Roles in the Latin Cities

Rana Behal: Religion, Religiosity and the Urban World: Everyday Lives of People in Amritsar City, Punjab, India

Claudia Moser: Production Values: Manufacture, Craft, and Ritual in Early Italic Sanctuaries

Sophie Helas: Honouring the Forefathers – Rituals Performed at the Tombs of the Ancestors on the Agora of Classical Selinous (Selinunte, Sicily)

Qudsiya Contractor: Ritual Pollution, Secular Filth and the Politics of Cleansing Mumbai

Martin Fuchs: Precarious Belonging. Religious Options and Engagements with the World in a Metropolitan Context. The case of Dalits in Dharavi (Mumbai)

Manuel Fernández-Götz: Ancestral Memories in Iron Age Urbanisation

Paroma Chatterjea: Antioch and Constantinople in the chronicle of John Malalas (6th century): urbanity and religion in coexistence and/or conflict?

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