INDIA. Life around Water, Photo Exhibition at the Augustinerkloster, Erfurt (07.07. – 08.08. 2021)

The exhibition invites you to discover the many dimensions of water in South Asia. There, water is not only an important element of livelihood, it also carries crucial spiritual and religious significance. As the main means of purification, water is an essential component on the path to mokṣa (or liberation). The spaces connected to water reflect this multidimensionality: they are at once spaces of female conviviality, colourful and dynamic environments, and backdrops to a refined architecture.

The exhibition takes place as part of the conference “Accessing Water in the South Asian City“, organised on the 8 and 9 July at the Augustinerkloster (in a hybrid format) by the KFG “Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations” (Max Weber Centre, University of Erfurt).


The photo exhibition is presenting 26 large photographs taken by researchers, architects, photographers and other artists from India and abroad. They suggest an exploration of the life around water in India through 5 main themes: Femininity, Rituals, Environment, Livelihood and Architecture. A brochure available at the Augustinerkloster elaborates on these themes.

Each theme and each image is also accompanied by an audio track that can be accessed by scanning the exhibition QR code (see introductory banner of the exhibition). The comments are available in German and English.

The exhibition is curated by KFG Post-Doctoral researcher Sara Keller, and the photographs were taken by Antje Linkenbach, Ashok Saravanan, Chinch Gryniewicz, Christian Cravo, Gaytri Chandramouleeswaran, Kaveer Rai, Krutarth Bhatt, Manali Bhadra, Martin Fuchs, Olivier Gaudron, Pooja Patil, Prakhar Vidyarthi, Sara Keller, Somya Parikh and Sujit Kumar Mandal.

Where and how?

The photographs are displayed in the church of the Augustinerkloster and in its cloister. The entry to the church is free, the access to the cloister is free of charge but requires a prior request to the Welcome office of the Augustinerkloster.

For further inquiries, please contact the exhibition curator Sara Keller:

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