Religion and Urbanity across Time and Space

KFG core group members Emiliano Urciuoli and Elisa Iori are organising a lecture series (Ringvorlesung) entitled “Religion and Urbanity across Time and Space” this semester. All videos are streamed on YouTube from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday evening and available to watch on YouTube afterwards.

On 8 December 2020, the KFG Fellow Judith Thissen will deliver a lecture on “Jewish Urban Religion in the US”. You can watch her live on YouTube, starting at 6pm.

Three videoas are already available to watch:

Jörg Rüpke (in German) on “Wie Religionen sich in Städten verändern”

The second one, delivered by Emiliano Urciouli on “Cities Make Martyrs”

and Martin Christ on “Death and Burial in Early Modern Europe: Religious, Urban and Courtly Perspectives”

Enjoy watching!

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2 Responses

  1. Emiliano Urciuoli says:

    Lieber Herr Gunst,

    thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it and read about more about it.

    Best regards,

    emiliano urciuoli

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    they gain much more insight into the relationship between urbanity and religion if they include the plans of old urban structures in their research. With their solar orientation, they reflect the connection between the built world and religion until the 18th century.

    This idea of ​​considering the building as a religious symbol already appeared in the first cities of Mesoptamia, the reference is even more evident in Greek and Roman planned cities, all of which were oriented towards sunrises on the feast day from deities worshiped there. With the loss of spirituality in the 19th century, this tradition was lost and is apparently completely unknown today.

    With best regards

    Reinhard Gunst

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