Video: Sara Keller & Susanne Rau at the Bhopal Literature & Art Festival 2024

In January 2024, Prof. Dr. Susanne Rau and Dr. Sara Keller (both University of Erfurt) participated in one of India’s largest events dedicated to literature, the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival. During the festival, Sara Keller introduced her new book on historical urban architecture in Ahmedabad (India). In addition, Dr Meera Dass, a former research fellow at the “Religion and Urbanity” Centre at Erfurt University, organised a panel on the cultural and religious meaning of water spaces in historical Indian cities. During this session, Prof. Dr. Rau introduced Dr Keller’s research project and how it helps us to better understand urban life in past India. In her presentation, Dr Keller focused on the emergence and transformation of the stepwell, an iconic urban water place on the Indian subcontinent.

Sara Keller’s foto exhibition on water spaces in India, which had been on display in Erfurt in 2021, was also shown during the festival.

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